The Frankford Public Library was established in November, 1931. The original library was housed in a small shop formerly used by a tinsmith. The library faced meager beginnings – having only $100 from the State of Delaware and 28 books to start its collection.

Further expansion occurred in 1981 when the First National Bank of Frankford donated the Main Street building to the library. At the same time, the library received a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The donation helped bring the library’s facilities up to date and provided an additional budget for book collection expansion.

Today, the library continues to be a favorite gathering place for Frankford residents, young and old. Library staff know members by name and strive to make them feel welcome. For more about the history of the Frankford Public Library – or Frankford in general, contact us today!

Key Individuals
Mrs. Alice Gum served as librarian from 1931 to 1958. Harry H. Dukes, president of the First National Bank of Frankford, presented the bank building to the library. Senator William V. Roth was instrumental in obtaining funds for the renovations of the new building. Eunice P. Holloway was a member of the library board and an advocate for 40 years. She retired in 2008 and was recognized by the library for a lifetime of service and dedication.

Memories of Frankford
Printed and bound copies of the book, “Memories of Frankford,” are available at the library.
Memories Of Frankford Pages 1-96 PDF
Memories Of Frankford Pages 97-192 PDF