Toys For Tots

Forgiveness of Library Fines in exchange for Toys for Tots at the Frankford Public Library

The Frankford Public Library is ready to forgive those of you who are late in returning an item and have racked up a fine.

But there’s a catch. The library, which is a drop-off site for donations to Toys for Tots, will forgive late fines for each toy you bring in for the charity. There is no limit to how many toys you can donate or how much money is forgiven. The Fine Forgiveness Program does not include the cost of replacement of damaged library materials. Additionally, materials that are overdue will still need to be returned to the library.

The program will run through Dec. 17, 2019. Only new, unwrapped toys will be accepted.

The donation box is located as you enter the library, across from the circulation desk. All users are encouraged to donate. Those who want to take advantage of the fine forgiveness program should talk to a staff member before placing toys in the box.

Frankford Public Library, 8 Main St., Frankford DE 19945

For more information contact the library at 302-732-9351.